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Long before "eco-travel" became a popular buzzword, Kaua‘i, was giving visitors a true taste of Eden with her natural paradise. Cloaked in brilliant shades of green, Kaua‘i lures visitors with her lush mountains, verdant grottos, hidden beaches and shimmering waterfalls. No wonder, that Kaua‘i was aptly given the nickname "The Garden Island." Blessed with a diversity of natural wonders and landscapes, the island boasts seven distinct mirco climates. They range from desert-like conditions on the west side, semi-arid tropical weather on the beach resorts, cool mountain forests above Waimea Canyon, pastoral plains on the upper east side to tropical rain forests in the interior.

Known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Waimea Canyon is just one of nature's masterpieces on the island. Laced with miles of excellent hiking trails, this 10-mile-long gorge offers an amazing show from dawn to dusk, as its vivid palette of colors change with the time of day. "Green" travelers can also explore the many trails and isolated beaches of the stunning Napali coast.

Island Facts

  • Nickname: The Garden Isle
  • Land Mass: 552.3 square miles
  • Population: 58,000
  • Highest Peak: Kawaikini Peak on Mt. Wai‘ale‘ale, 5,243 feet
  • Major Airport: Lihue Airport
  • Golf Courses: 8–18-hole courses; 1–9-hole course

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