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Hawaii Golf Tips

Sometimes learning how to play Hawaii's courses can be just as challenging as tackling the state's nearly 80 golf venues. When teeing it up on the islands, players need to keep in mind the lay of the land, the predominant trade winds, the diversity of the terrain and grain of the grass. Not so easy when playing amidst a spectacular backdrop - quite often the greatest distraction of them all.

Mark Rolfing's golf instruction focuses on quick tips to help you play your best golf ever in Hawaii. Revisit these helpful pointers and Mark Rolfing's more in-depth golf instruction.

For shot making strategy on the golf course visit Mark Rolfing's helpful golf instruction from the fairway bunker shot, the chip shot, the controlled fade and the lob shot to working the wind and going with the grain you'll find the help you need.

Did you know?

Hawaii's prevailing trade winds will definitely affect most rounds of golf in Hawaii. Blowing from a northeasterly direction almost year-round, these winds generally range from 5 to 15 miles per hour and tend to pick up speed in the afternoon. Most of Hawaii's courses are designed with the trades in mind.

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