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Quick Tip from Mark Rolfing:

Uneven Lie

Because of the unique topography and terrain we have here in Hawaii, golfers will face numerous side hill lies during any round. And since most golfers almost always practice off a flat lie, quite often the uneven lies are problematic.

First you have to understand how the lie you are facing is going to affect the shot. For example if the ball is below your feet you should align your body to the left of the target because the ball will have a tendency to go to the right.

There are rules of thumb that you should follow ... For example tilt your shoulders with the slope and swing with the slope. If you have an uphill lie keep your right shoulder lower than normal and swing up the slope. And if you have a down hill lie keep your left shoulder lower than normal and swing down the slope.

Remember don't always practice off a perfectly flat lie. You have to learn how to play the earth's topography.

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