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Quick Tip from Mark Rolfing:

Playing Out of the Rough

One of the most perplexing situations for any golfer is playing out of the rough. Lush grasses on the resort courses here in the islands are typical. The grass is so dense and strong that any shot will be affected.

In analyzing the situation of playing out of the rough you have to be realistic. This is very important. If you have no chance to reach the green because of the lie don't try it. Lay up.

The most important thing in playing this shot is making good contact between the club and the ball. Here's how you do it ... play the ball back in your stance as this will produce a steeper angle of attack at the ball which will give you a better chance to hit the ball cleanly. If your swing plane is too shallow there will be too much grass between the ball and the clubface. Finally keep the clubface square throughout the hitting area. Remember even though the lush resort course rough doesn't look that difficult it demands respect!

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