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Quick Tip from Mark Rolfing:

Lob Shot

Playing a shot that travels high in the air and lands softly on the green like a pitch or a lob is one that many golfers have trouble with. For example when you are faced with an obstacle like a bunker that's between you and the hole, a high pitch is the only choice because you have to get the ball high in the air.

To execute this shot properly, play the ball forward in your stance using a very lofted club like the 60 degree wedge. Make sure that your hands are slightly behind the club face which will increase the loft. The key to this shot is maintaining this loft through the impact area. Don't let your hands roll over. If this happens the clubface becomes de-lofted. This is not a shot where you take a big divot so don't come down on the ball too steeply and keep a nice tempo

Remember maintain the loft of the club through impact and this high pitch shot will save you a lot of strokes.

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