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Quick Tip from Mark Rolfing:

Hybrids Around the Greens

Most golfers face a dilemma, when their ball is just off the putting surface, trying to figure out what type of shot to hit.

When your ball is just off the green there are several options. The average golfer tends to not want to putt the ball high in the air. A chip shot might be a good play here but if a golfer's chipping confidence level is not high this may not be the best option. For the majority of amateurs putting the ball in this situation would probably be the safest and most popular choice. But often enough a putt won't work here. In Hawaii the combination of the grain in the grass and the slope of a green can cause a putt to start bouncing radically which will alter speed and direction.

Try this... Don't change your thought process of putting the ball... change your club. Try the highly popular hybrid club but pretend that it's a putter. In fact you can even use your putting grip if you like. Because there is more loft on the hybrid clubs than a putter the shot will travel on top of the grass not down into it. Once the ball gets on the green... it will roll just like a putt. These Hybrid clubs are terrific for replacing the long irons in your bag but they are also very handy around the greens.

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