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Quick Tip from Mark Rolfing:


The Fundamentals in golf are important to any technically sound golf swing, there are 3 that are key: Grip, Aim and Ball Position.

The most important of the three is the GRIP. After all it is your only connection to the golf club and the most important aspect is grip pressure. Regardless of whether you use an interlocking or overlapping grip the majority of control should be with the last 3 fingers of your left hand. How tightly should you grip the club? Tightly enough to maintain control but lightly enough so as not to create tension which usually causes a quick and jerky take-away.

Having proper AIM is imperative in golf. If you don't aim at the target you probably won't hit it. For a right handed player your body should be aligned slightly left of the target. Not just your feet and this is a common problem for a lot of golfers but your knees, hips and shoulders. However, unlike your body, the clubface should be aimed at the target. These positions will allow you to create a good swing plane , out and through to the target.

BALL POSITION is often an overlooked fundamental yet it can cause many faults in the golf swing. For example with this driver if I play the ball too far forward in my stance chances are the only way I can get at the ball is to come at it from the outside which usually causes a slice. The same thing happens if you're standing too close to the ball your swing path has to come from the outside and you'll probably hit a slice. Take the time to find the best ball position for every club in your bag and you'll hit better shots.

I can't emphasize enough how important these 3 fundamentals, grip, aim and ball position are in golf. Check them regularly!

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