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Quick Tip from Mark Rolfing:

Curing the Slice

The dreaded slice - it's a shot shape that most middle and high handicap golfers battle on a regular basis. In order to cure a slice you first need to understand what causes it.

There are three main causes: The first cause if a faulty grip - one that is too weak, where either the left hand is too far under the club or the right hand is too far over it, or a grip that is too tight creating tension in the upper body. The second cause of the slice is an outside to in swing plane where you cut across the ball which could be magnified by poor ball position. And finally, an improper weight shift on the down swing where you end up with the majority of your weight on your right side instead of your left will almost surely result in a slice.

So if you're a slicer try these things - make sure your grip is strong enough, find the correct ball position and try to relax your right shoulder and elbow. Then just release through the hitting area and finish with your weight on your left side and you'll watch your slice straighten out.

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