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Quick Tip from Mark Rolfing:

Chip Shot

As opposed to a pitch shot which is a fairly short shot that spends more time in the air than it does on the ground, a chip shot spends more time on the ground than it does in the air.

  • The first mistake that most amateur golfers make is in club selection. They will almost automatically go for a very lofted club like a sand wedge.
  • Nearly all the keys with a chip shot are involved with the setup.
  • First, play the ball back in your stance and choke down slightly on the club.
  • Position the hands ahead of the shaft and keep that position throughout the entire stroke.
  • The most important thing with this chip is to anchor your weight on your left side. This will help eliminate excess body movement and insure a crisper contact with the ball.
  • Try to maintain a fairly equal length of the backswing and follow through on this shot and make sure you keep your left wrist firm through impact.

Keep these things in mind and you'll hit more consistent and better chip shots.

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